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Where would I find a listing of open access journals?

I am trying to figure out what journals UVic has open access to?
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2015  |  103 Views

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Open access journals that are known to UVic are often catalogued and will be listed by title in the UVic Library catalogue. (from the library website, select Search & find --> Journal and newspaper titles), then type the title of the publication you are interested in and click search.

Open access journals do not require payment of a subscription fee to read the articles published there. A web listing of open access journals is available DOAJ - the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Faculty who wish to publish their work and make it open access often have the choice of publishing in an open access journal, or, publishing in a traditional subscription journal and paying an extra fee themselves to make their article open access. For a discussion of this see

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