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Can I withdraw material I submit to UVicSpace?

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2015  |  113 Views
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Only in special circumstances.

Under some circumstances it may be necessary to withdraw items from UVicSpace. Examples include an existing or new publisher not allowing the deposit of an item or the discovery of a copyright violation. Such removal may come at the request of the author, by legal order, or at the discretion of the library or university.

Since items that are withdrawn may have been cited, UVicSpace supplies a "tombstone page" at the original web address when the item is removed, which will include information for citation verification but not the actual item. The metadata will be visible, but not searchable, and is unavailable for metadata harvesting.

Withdrawal requests must be reviewed by UVicSpace staff; contact Inba Kehoe for more information: ikehoe (at)

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